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At PuppyPals, it’s our mission to bring dog parents peace of mind by creating a fur friendly standard our community can trust to have a reliable, fun experience every time. Whether you’re out and about or planning ahead with your pooch, always be assured where your best friend can tag along (pun intended).


Here at PuppyPals dogs are family. As family members, they have a huge impact on our daily lives. That’s why it’s so important to us to really go the extra mile for them. Whether we’re redefining the local culture or building lovable communities, we strive to stand on all four legs for our pups. We aim to provide a service that benefits other people’s lives as much as it has for us

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The Inspiration:

The idea came after never knowing where I can or can’t bring my dog, and always wanting him to be with me. Nothing was more frustrating than bringing my dog somewhere and not being let in, or not bringing him along and then seeing other dogs allowed. Seeing this day after day, I began paying attention to dog parents everywhere and quickly realized this wasn’t just my problem. I knew I had to put a plan together and find a way to make it easier for pet parents!

My dog, Shadow, is absolutely everything to me. I hate to be away from him, and prefer any activity in which he can come along. If I’m going on a trip and can drive, he’s coming too, or I’m not going! My weekends revolve around making it to the best dog parks, and my weekdays center around whether or not my neighbor can let him out and when he goes to doggy day camp while I’m at work. Sometimes Shadow being the center of my world can get in the way of getting things done. Many simple errands are more easily accomplished now that I know where Shadow can tag along. I hope Puppy Pals adds convenience and simplicity to the lives of all dog parents, not to mention, the joy of having your best friend with you at all times!

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